About the School:

The School of Sorcery offers lectures and workshops as well as 2 year full time training in The arts of The occult. The program was founded in 2012 in Copenhagen and moved to Fanø island in Denmark during 2020. During the years the school or sorcery has offered Free and paid courses and Workshops both at it's studio and through social medias Facebook and Twitter.

The School of Sorcery office and campus are located inside the Church of Lucifer, Fanø island in Denmark. The school provides cheap dormitory and organic food for the students. The students Can Not leave the campus during the intensive 3 months workshops.

With the help and support we receive from The Luciferian Mission here in Denmark, we are planning to admit hundredes of International Students for a Very Special 3 months intensive workshop during 2022. There is a very large number of applications for that year. You should therefore register before July 2021 to make sure your application will be processed. All admitted applicants will receive related materials they need to learn before the workshop starts.

What is Sorcery:

Sorcery forms the bulk of folk magic, and is often referred to as “Black Magic" or “the Dark Arts.” An important aspect of this Department are the Classes in Defense. Also included here are “Children of the Night,” such as Demons, Ghosts, Vampires, and Werewolves. Since the school is a part of Neo-Luciferian misson, you will have the chance to learn about the following Demons:

1. Seraphim: Helel (also known as Lucifer/the 1st Satan)

2. Cherubim: Beelzebub, Baphomet, Belial

3. Malakhi Adonai: Azazel (also known as the 2nd Satan)

4. Nephal: Samyaza (also known as the 3rd Satan)

5. Disembodied Nephilim: Samyaza's children, Gerasene Legion

The school board members - including The High Priest of the Church of Lucifer - is the only congregation that has direct communion with all the beings in the 5 classes of spiritual entities listed above. An added bonus is that we have full command and total dominion over number Five.

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